About Lifebites


The LifeBites™ formula for great taste!LifeBites™ supports the philosophy of 'You are what you eat'. Therefore we use only the finest organic ingredients to create this high quality healthy snack. LifeBites is a must for any lunch or after dinner treat and are great for camping, hiking or biking.

Lifebites was founded in March 2011 by a group of health conscious individuals in North Vancouver, British Columbia. From a small idea to a big project Lifebites has made its way to the hearts and homes of many people from all walks of life who enjoy healthy snacking!

We believe in preparing food that’s both delicious & nutritious! By using high quality organic ingredients and refraining from the use of fillers and preservatives, our food is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and your health. From antioxidants in our vegan chocolate, potassium in our bananas, protein in our hemp seed and fibre in the coconut, with Lifebites you’re always snacking on a nutrient-rich food.

Sharing healthy food is made easy with Lifebites!

Let us know if you’d like to see our healthy snacks in your community.

We greatly appreciate your support!

The LifebitesTeam